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2003 BMW 525i Intermittent No Crank / No Start

2003 BMW 525i Intermittent No Crank / No Start


This 2003 BMW 525i with an intermittent no crank / no start. The car spent several days with us, with no issue. The customer decided to pick the car up since we were unable to reproduce the problem. Right after calling to let us know she would be coming to get the car, the car would not start. So we got to work. There was no signal to the starter and we were able to start the vehicle by simulating a signal. So we knew there was an issue with the starter circuit.

We then starting looking at data in the EWS module. The EWS showed start was approved. We then suspected that the EWS module was causing the issue, but before we were able to confirm our suspicion, the car started working normally again. We left the test equipment attached to the car for many more days, but the car continued to operate without an issue. The customer decided to replace the EWS module as the most likely cause, and fortunately it turned out to be a good decision. The car has been trouble free for well over a month.

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